Video of Ya Nan Singing-at 8:30 on video

Our Beautiful Ya Nan

Our Beautiful Ya Nan
From the moment I saw her, I knew she had my heart...

Our Timeline

8-21-12: Saw our Daughter's face for the first time
8-31-12: Decided she is indeed a Johnson
9-17-12: Home Study Visit
9-24-12: Home Study Visit
10-18-12: I800A received
11-5-12: Walk-in Fingerprints
11-28-12: I800A Approval
12-17-12: DTC
12-27-12: LOI
1-17-13: OOT
2-1-13: LOA (China approved 1-29)
2-4-13: I800 received at lockbox
2-15-13: I800 request for evidence
4-26-13: RFE sent
5-1-13: I800 Approved
5-6-13: GUZ #
5-7-13: Cabled
5-9-13: Article 5 Drop Off
6-11-13: Article 5 Approved
6-13-13: Article 5 Pick Up
6-21-13: TA
Leave for China!
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Persistence vs Patience

After a horrible experience at our local USCIS office Friday, I spent the weekend mentally exhausted... Thinking that there would be no way I could wait another 25 days until our fingerprint appointment when other families (in other states) are walking in early for fingerprinting and getting I800A approval before their assigned fingerprint appointment date.  All I could think about was this could mean getting to China before or after her birthday... and it broke this momma's heart to know she is there and I am here for 25 more days...

When I see her face, my heart longs to just jump on a plane and go to China until she can come home with me. I want nothing more than to let her know that she has a family and that we are working SO hard to bring her home as quickly as possible. At this point she has only recently been told that a family is working to bring her home, but she doesn't know who. I can't imagine how she must feel. What questions she must be asking and wondering about us? We had family pictures made last weekend to send to her and I can't wait to put them in the mail-However, we need this approval first...

So after spending the weekend thinking about what 25 days could mean, I decided to do some research to try to locate a "live" person at a different office in our state.  The numbers of the individual offices are not published so I knew it was a long shot.  I simply prayed, "God if you are asking for persistence, you have asked the right person, but God, if you are asking for patience, please Lord, just put a wall up and lock the door tight because you know I am crazy enough to try and run through it!"  

After calling the "number" I found online about 5 times throughout the morning (persistence), a live person finally answered!  I struggled to compose myself and explained that I was attempting to get permission to walk in at the office rather than drive 3 hours (with the time change) to be turned away.  He instructed that I had contacted the wrong department...and gave me the direct number to the biometric office!!!  I called the office and the receptionist transferred me to the supervisor.  After explaining my situation for the third time, he said he would be happy to accommodate us although we may have to wait to be worked in with others who have an appointment.  I thanked him about five times and before we hung up he asked, "Just out of curiosity, how did you get this number?  It's not released to the public."  I told how I stumbled upon it all the while thanking God for the blessing.  

We left for the office immediately and were able to get fingerprinted!  When we got there, I told him who I was and he remembered our phone conversation.  The supervisor just so happened to be the same gentleman that fingerprinted us when we adopted Emma.  We talked about UK basketball and our sweet Ya Nan in China.  They were very courteous and we were in and out in about 10 minutes.  

So that is great news and helped put some positive energy back into my sails... On the way home this afternoon, I called the NBC who processes our application to let them know we were fingerprinted early.  She said they would notate the account and assign an officer to our case.  Please pray that our approval comes by the end of next week.  This would give us a great possibility to get our dossier to China by the end of the month.  At that point we will wait for China to formal approve us.  This could take anywhere between 2 weeks and 4 months.  Upon approval, we could meet our daughter in as little as 8 weeks!  And believe me, this momma is ready!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Orphan Sunday

Orphan Sunday has always been dear to my heart. This year it is extra special. I'm thankful for birthparents who love their children enough to give them life and opportunity for a prosperous future. I'm thankful for adoption and how it defines the very nature of God's love for us. But there are orphans waiting. Some who will never know what it feels like to be tucked in at night. Some who will never experience the love of a family. And as I sit in comfort and warmth, I can't help but think of one orphan in particular.
This orphan is waiting in China. Her wish is to have a family that loves her. I long to tell her that her wish has come true... That her mom and dad love her beyond words... That we are working so hard to bring her home, for good, forever... That she will never have to worry about living in an orphanage again... And most of all there is a God that loves her and will never forsake her. But for now she waits... And I will pray and plead that God will move mountains to get her home soon. I will advocate for her and be her voice because I long be to her mom without an ocean separating us...

Adoption Process:
On October 15th our agency sent our I-800A application and supporting documents to Texas where they review the application and documents. If all of the pages and documents are there, they forward the application to the NBC. We've been waiting for a certain piece of paper to arrive...

It came on Friday, October 26. We will try to walk in and get fingerprinted early which should speed up the approval process.
Monster Dash-October 27: We are so blessed to be one of the families receiving part of the proceeds from a 5K that supports orphans and adoptive families. The second annual 5K Monster Dash was a huge success. Friends and family came to support the cause.

UPDATE: We walked in on Friday (11-2) at the Nashville office and were not able to be printed. The office was empty and to say the experience was negative is an understatement. This mother is not finished trying to get our fingerprints processed as soon as possible. Several families receive I800A approval before their original fingerprint date when they walk-in to get fingerprinted early. So we have hope that we may be able to go to a different office to get fingerprinted.
We have sold over 60 adoption t-shirts! Thanks so much to all who ordered. Your generosity has blessed us beyond words! Our sweet girl has such an amazing group of friends and family go help bring her home!
- Jessica